The Aptos airdrop may have ended, but new projects are constantly being built there, and you can bet there are some free tokens to be gained.

Tsunami Finance is an Aptos spot and everlasting DEX. Here’s how you can test their product right now and be entered for a future airdrop.

Guide To Airdrop Tsunami Finance – How to be Eligible? – The Aptos’s Pioneer DEX Testnet

Install the Martian Wallet

You’ll need a new wallet if you’ve never worked with Aptos before. I would recommend Martian for this one because it supports both Aptos and Sui.

Set your network to Testnet, and if you don’t have test APT tokens, click the “Airdrop” button to receive them from the faucet.

To connect to the faucet, you’ll need a Discord or Gmail account.

Tsunami Interaction

Connect your wallet from the main page. When you click on the anchor icon, you will get a comprehensive list of activities that must be completed in order to be included in the Airdrop.

You will be prompted to Tweet a code that will verify your status as a tester when you launch the exchange page. This is something that an increasing number of projects are using in order to avoid sybil Airdrop farming and to verify users in some other way.

Wait a few seconds after posting the tweet before clicking “Verify.” The tweet can be deleted after being validated.

Begin by going to the Faucet menu and obtaining some test tokens to help you finish your airdrop missions.

Everything that follows should be self-explanatory. You can begin by completing a few swaps on the DEX to meet trade volume before moving on to provide liquidity.

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Note that you must execute 10 swaps, therefore make sure that your trading volume in those 10 swaps surpasses $50,000. Following then, go to the “pool” page and supply liquidity ten times.

The simplest method is to select one currency and couple it with TLP ten times. Simply choose USDC or ETH, and TLP will be added immediately (you do not need to keep it in your wallet).

Go to the “Withdraw” button on the same page and withdraw a little amount 5 times. This should be sufficient to finish all of the jobs.

Get a Discord Role

The final step is to claim your Discord position.

Begin by joining their Discord server and going through the basic verification requirements. Then, as seen in the image above, enter your Discord name together with the # number on the page where you accomplished the tasks.

Your duty here is complete after you submit your Discord name.

Keep up to speed with Tsunami Finance by monitoring their Twitter updates or sticking in their Discord server until fresh jobs are ready or an airdrop occurs.

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