How to Create Unlimited Wild Cash Accounts to Boost Mining 100x Faster from 1 Computer – Quiz to Earn


Welcome back to Forest of Mason channel and I’m Esse.

Today, I will come back and show you how to mine unlimited Wild Cash accounts, one of the applications of the Hooked Protocol project.

This is a project about Social Fi, and this project especially has a name about a new trend called “Quiz to earn”. Hopefully, this is the first project and will also be the lead trend in the near future. We are going to play games and mine the tokens of the Wild Cash app, the app of the Hooked Protocol.

We will download this Wild Cash app. Wild Cash is only available on the Android operating system application, so for those of you who are using the iOS operating system or using it on the computer. You can download an emulator called Bluestacks. This is an Android emulator on the computer’s interface, and we will make so many mining accounts on this app.

You can download this app from Google at:

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Here are some of the questions asked within the Wild Cash app:

How do I make money using Wild Cash?

Wild Cash app is a wonderful blend of game and fun coupled with web3, resulting in an excellent application that not only spreads knowledge about web3 but also makes it a viable source of cash for both enthusiasts and super-naive users.

Earning money using the Wild Cash app is simple, and here’s how you can do it:

Earn money by taking quizzes.

The app features a variety of quizzes that are organized on a daily basis, allowing users to engage in and respond to many quizzes every day using different sets and forms of questions. Correct answers get you points, which you can then exchange for uHGT tokens, which may then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or cash.

Mining is a way to make money in the Wild Cash App.

Unlike typical bitcoin mining, the miner requires a pool of decent and strong computers to carry out mining. However, with the Wild Cash App, you may now mine with only one tap on your mobile device. New users are limited to mining 10,000 coins each day; to mine money/points, simply tap and press again.

To award GOLDs, mining uses the POWT (Proof of Work Time) system.

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Earn money by Refer and Earn.

Your profits increase as you recommend more people to the app. You will also receive an 8% bonus on the points earned by your referred members. There is yet time. Join now and begin referring. If you believe this post is useful, please sign up using this link to help me gain points.

How can I convert GOLDs to uHGT?

With a single click, you can convert your GOLDs to uHGT. However, you must swap at least 800,000 GOLDs.

Problems with the Wild Cash App

Language: Sometimes questions in English have no meaning. There are several sentence construction errors. The questions appear to have been translated from a local tongue to English.

Loop: The round of questions never ends. You are stuck in a loop in which you keep replying and new questions start appearing on your screen. There is no conclusion. Though you collect points, when you attempt to stop, it shows you that you may lose the full prize won thus far, so you stay playing out of fear of losing. When you resign, though, you do receive the points. The warning message is incorrect.

Question Repetition: Some questions are repeated.

iOS App: There is no Wild Cash app for the iOS version. Only Android users may download.

Is the Wild Cash App a Fraud?

The Wild Cash app is not a rip-off. You can make a lot of money using the software. However, be careful not to download a fraudulent program. Only use the official app to download.


Wild Cash is a good and successful application integrated inside the Hooked Ecosystem, according to an analysis of the features available to developers and consumers. This program completes the mission set for it in its early days. With its intriguing gaming concept, WildCash has made web3 more accessible. Furthermore, it enables users to earn money using extremely easy techniques. Begin utilizing this Quiz to Earn app today and let us know what you think and how much money you made with the Wild Cash app.

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