Bitget Exchange is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange led by CEO Sandra Lou and Chief Sales Officer Intae Song. It provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens that may be traded on the spot or in futures markets, and there are no deposit fees. Bitget has received governmental certifications in Canada, the United States, and Australia, making it a trustworthy exchange.

Bitget Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Singapore
Year Established 2018
Native Token BGB
Pairs 327+
Coins 272+
Margin Trading Yes
Fees 0.2% (Maker and Taker) with 30% discount using BFT Token. Derivatives 0.04% Maker, 0.06% Taker
Market With Fees Yes
Supported Countries USA, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Canada, and more
Minimum Deposit $50
Deposit Fees None
Customer Support Live Chat, FAQ Support, Email, & Social Channel Support (24/7)
Application Google Play, App Store, Android APK

Bitget exchange is available on PC and mobile devices and features a simple sign-up process. It also provides its consumers with copy exchanges, amazing incentives, and important expertise. Copy trading, in essence, allows traders to generate passive money by following automated trading. You may choose expert traders to emulate by watching their trading performance and overall profitability over time. Bitget’s trading platform is accessible via the most popular devices and platforms. Our Bitget review will teach you all you need to know before signing up.

What Exactly Is Bitget?

Bitget exchange now has over 2 million registered users globally and a daily transaction volume of $5.6 billion. Bitget placed third internationally in terms of daily average for future trading volume in July 2022, owing to its highlighted product, Coin-Margin futures, which recorded an all-time high volume of trade of $7.82 billion.

While the Bitget platform offers cheap costs for both spot and derivatives trading, the major focus is on derivatives trading. A derivative is a financial instrument that is based on the liquidation price of a financial asset like a bond or stock bond. Bitget exchange has gained licenses from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Singapore, indicating that merchants from those countries are legally permitted to do trading.

Both iOS and Android users may access the Bitget exchange mobile app. Choosing the finest cryptocurrency trading platforms is difficult, and the purpose of our Bitget review is to make the process easier for you.

How Does Bitget Function?

Bitget provides spot trading, derivatives, and copy trading. Customers can choose from a variety of options based on their preferences. Perpetual future contracts, which are basic contracts for difference and a common derivative technique in cryptocurrency trading, are used in Bitget Futures trading.

The capacity to invest more than the individual has in their bank account is referred to as leverage. Bitget provides leverage of 125x for trading pairings such as USDT/BTC, which means the customer may open a position 100 times the amount they deposit. As a result, even the tiniest movement against their Bitget account will result in the position being liquidated and the user being unable to access their cash.

Bitget’s Exciting Features

In this review, we’ll concentrate on the many features accessible on Bitget. The following are Bitget’s key features:

Innovative Products

Bitget is a well-established platform with a reputation for providing unique items for its consumers to sell without the need to change tokens. It also provides one-click copy trading and is a prominent derivatives exchange that supports the USDC margin.

Leading-edge Security

The majority of Bitget user evaluations state that the service provides risk management through the separation of cold and hot wallets and has obtained 12 A+ ratings from SSL Labs. Qingsong Cloud Security, Armors, HEAP, and Suntwin Technology support the security of this bitcoin exchange platform.

Outstanding Customer Service

Bitget provides its investors with 24-hour multilingual online customer service. It also offers one-on-one service to its VIP clients and has reward centers for the cryptocurrency community.

Profitable Derivatives Trading

Bitget exchange provides its traders with a self-developed trading pairs system. It has various one-of-a-kind derivative products and is among the top six cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume.

Operations for Global Compliance

Bitget exchange has licenses from Canada, Australia, and the United States. This exchange meets stringent regulatory requirements and is listed on CoinGecko and CMC.

Reduced Transaction Fees

Bitget charges 0.1 percent on all spot market deals, including takers and makers. If fees are paid with Bitget’s native token, BGB, they are decreased to 0.08 percent.

Maximum Security

Bitget safeguards investors’ funds through separate cold and hot wallets. According to their website, they have received 12 A+ ratings from SSL Labs. Before they may deposit money onto the bitcoin exchange, investors can enable two-factor authentication.

Token Bitget

A user can utilize BGB tokens to settle transaction costs and obtain a 20% fee discount and a 15% discount on futures trading. The total number of BGB tokens issued is 2,000,000,000. BGB token holders reap several benefits from keeping and exchanging BGB tokens.

Is Bitget governed?

Bitget is a legitimate platform, not a fraud, according to our website evaluation. Because the website has a genuine HTTPS connection, all information and communications between users and the website are safe. The site’s tremendous traffic has made Bitget one of the most well-known crypto exchanges, providing even more reasons to be confident.

Bitget Exchange Provides a Variety of Services

Bitget provides the following services:

Profitable Futures

Through Futures, Bitget provides USDT-M Futures, USDT-M Demo, Coin-M Futures, and Coin-M Futures Demo. When users trade futures, they are contracting to purchase or sell a crypto asset, such as BTC, to another trader at a current price and time in the near future. It is a derivative since the trader swaps the value of a crypto asset, such as BTC, but not the real asset.


Bitget Exchange has introduced Coin-Margined Futures, a revolutionary new futures trading strategy. It accepts a wide range of currencies as margin for various trading pairs. For example, utilizing the currency ETH as a margin, users may now trade BTCUSD, ETHUSD, and EOSUSD, with profit and loss calculated in ETH.

The following are the steps to trading coin-M futures:

  • Navigate to the Bitget coin-M futures trading website.
  • Put your money in the futures account.
  • Begin trading by establishing a position.
  • Close the position after trading.
  • Finally, examine the profit and loss statement.

Trading with Leverage

Bitget allows dealers to trade with leverage. They exclusively provide perpetual futures, which have no expiry dates. For permanent, the maximum leveraged limit price is 100x 100 times the value. Leveraged trading may provide big gains, but it can also produce massive losses.

Copy Trading

bitget copy trading

The Bitget Exchange copy trading function allows users to trade the tactics of other users on the site for free in order to improve their trading. Anyone may follow any trader and begin trading their strategy and portfolio for free. For traders, they might earn up to 8% of their followers’ profits and thereby create successful methods using copy trading.

Beginners may simply generate passive income, while experienced traders can share their strategies and earn from the gains of their followers. When you complete your first copy swap, you will receive a $30 voucher.

Copy-trading is defined as trading in which investors or traders can replicate the transactions, methods, or trade positions of other investors. If you are an investor, you may mimic the transactions of other investors instantaneously and automatically.

Here is a step-by-step guide to copy trading:

  • Choose your favorite traders to “Follow.”
  • Select the chosen trade pair to be copied.
  • Choose fixed ratio or fixed account.
  • Choose the type of leverage
  • Determine the leverage
  • Change to isolated or cross mode.
  • Check or update the copy trade data
  • Finally, secure the position.

Quanto Swap Contract

Bitget is the only platform that offers Quanto Swap Contract trading. This tool allows users to utilize different crypto assets as collateral and then trade crypto on margins using a range of crypto trading pairings. One of the key advantages of Quanto is that it allows you to keep the fees for converting coins to coins while also allowing you to receive earnings from the rising value of the currency.

You only need to select your desired trading pair, order type, and leverage. After you’ve specified the quantity and order price, you must specify the direction of your order.

Trading in Derivatives

Derivatives are contracts that derive their value from an asset. Currency, currency rates, commodities, stocks, exchange rates, and so forth are examples of assets. Derivative trading is selling and purchasing financial instruments on the stock exchange, with profits made by forecasting future price fluctuations.

Perpetual Contracts

Bitget’s perpetual contracts are among its most popular products, and the company has spent a lot of time perfecting them. Investors are given the option of investing, purchasing and learning a long-term commitment, or short-selling a contract, which provides them with digital money. Perpetual contracts function similarly to margin-based spot trading. The financing cost mechanism, which ensures that the price index used to set the contract is tracked, is the most remarkable feature of Bitget Perpetual contracts trading.

Launchpad for Bitget

Bitget Exchange has introduced Launchpad, a new platform for offering highlighted project token prizes. Users can obtain highlighted launching project incentives by holding or trading crypto assets. Karmaverse (KNOT), a metaverse game platform with built-in blockchain technology, was their most recent initiative.

API Trading

Bitget Exchange supports trading through API.

P2P Trading

Bitget is excited to announce an event exclusive to new P2P users! Trade on Bitget P2P and receive up to 200 $USDT back!

bitget p2p trading

The Bitget Exchange Registration Procedure

To open a Bitget account, the Trader must first download the Bitget mobile app or go to the Bitget website – – on their desktop. The site is available at all times on a variety of devices, including iOS, Android, and desktop programs for Mac and Windows. The user may use the sign-up form from the Bitget app’s home page or the Bitget website’s right side to sign up for an account and begin trading.


Full Identity Verification, also called as Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, are required for all platform users in order to protect their accounts from financial and fraud threats. After completing the KYC, customers will be able to use Bitget exchange services and goods.

Process of Verification is Simple

Bitget’s id verification method is simple. To confirm their identification, the Trader must enter the verification code issued to their account. Then users must click on “Account Information” and submit their name, nationality, secure password, first name, and photos of their government-issued ID. The user can open an account after obtaining the id verification code.

The Trader can fill the account in a variety of methods, including purchasing crypto with fiat currency or transferring crypto funds from another cryptocurrency wallet to their Bitget wallet. When withdrawing cryptocurrency from the site, the user should select the appropriate protocol such as TRC20, ERC20, BEP2, BEP20, ERC20, and others. The protocol must work with wallet addresses. The user should exercise caution since crypto investments are fraught with danger, and picking the wrong protocol might result in the loss of money and assets.


Bitget Exchange Fees

Trading Fees on Bitget

The exchange will charge the user a trading fee when the user submits an order. Trading commissions are often calculated as a fee of the trade’s value. Many exchanges divide the maker and taker fees; takers take a current order from the order book, while makers add to the order book, creating liquidity on the platform. The maker fee is 0.20 percent, while the taker fee is 0.1 percent or 0.1 percent spot trading fee.

It is critical to comprehend spot trading options and contracts at Bitget Exchange. In the event of spot trades, both takers and makers pay the identical 0.20 percent fee. When paying with the exchange’s native token, the Bitget DeFi Token, the fee is decreased to 0.14 percent (BFT).

When trading contracts, buyers pay 0.06 percent in trading costs; with a discount, it is 0.04 percent; moreover, if the customer clicks the link to register, they will receive a 33 percent market order, while makers pay 0.02 percent.

Bitget Withdrawal Fees

Bitget Exchange does levy a withdrawal fee of 0.0006 BTC for each BTC withdrawal, which is significantly more than the industry average. For each BTC withdrawal, the withdrawal fee is the current industry average of 0.00053 BTC.

Payment Methods for Bitget Exchange

Bitget offers several deposit and withdrawal methods. Bitget Exchange launched a few deposit options to acquire crypto with fiat in 2021 using two payment processors, Banxa and Mercuryo. To purchase cryptocurrency, you can use Mastercard, VISA, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Deposits of fiat cash are not subject to fees at the exchange.

This trading platform is classified as a “entry-level exchange” since it allows fiat currency deposits. However, the exchange has no influence over the costs charged by the various payment channels when purchasing cryptocurrency.

Methods of Deposit

Bitget Exchange makes it incredibly simple for consumers to purchase and trade cryptocurrency. Bitget allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies with fiat cash exclusively via wire transfers, not credit or debit cards.

It is simple to deposit bitcoin. When the user selects the “Deposit” button, they are directed to a web page where they may choose the cryptocurrency they want to send. The platform will produce the wallet’s address, which users may store to their wallet or scan the QR code.

Methods of Withdrawal

One typical user review and opinion is that Bitget Exchange withdrawals are simple. When users access the withdrawal window, they may enter the same information and withdraw the same amount. Withdrawals will incur costs, which will be displayed to the user throughout the withdrawal procedure. They will, however, be able to traverse the entire list of these costs on the website.

If the user has not completed the KYC procedure, the daily withdrawal limit will be BTC20 or the equivalent in another cryptocurrency. Those who have passed the verification procedure have far greater freedom, with a daily limit of BTC 200.

The withdrawal is dependent on the exchange’s network and is not under the exchange’s control. Before funds are credited to the user’s account, the transaction must get sufficient validations.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted by Bitget Exchange

The platform included both spot trading options and derivatives trading. However, it is mostly concerned with trading derivatives. Adventure Gold Coin, Cardano Coin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, SushiSwap, ChainLink Coin, Ethereum Classic, Filecoin, Litecoin, KNCL, Polkadot Coin, Ripple, Tezos, Tether, Uniswap, TRON Coin,, Ethereum, and Yield Guild Games are among the supported cryptocurrencies.

Affiliate Program for Bitget

Bitget exchange is currently developing and providing services on marketplaces all over the world. Its affiliate program is a tool used to boost the number of clients. The major goal of the referral is to bring in new active traders to Bitget. Bitget Exchange provides each affiliate with a referral link and marketing resources to do this.

Only confirmed clients are eligible for the affiliate program. The user account area for traders contains information regarding referrals and payouts.

Bitget affiliates have the freedom to withdraw funds at any moment. Affiliate program participants can take advantage of exclusive incentives. They may call and receive support from specialists at any time of day or night, as well as corporate gifts.

Bitget (BGB) Token Specifications

BGB is Bitget’s utility token that may be used to enable social trading and more. BGB is used to facilitate social trade and other activities. Bitget’s official token is BGB. Apart from being utilized to earn savings on Bitget Exchange fees for trading, BGB has a variety of applications in the Bitget Exchange ecosystem.

These are the use cases for the ERC-20 token.

  • Fee reduction – It provides consumers a discount on transaction costs when they trade on the exchange. Users can also use BGB margins and receive a 15% reduction on futures contract transaction costs. Users can obtain a 15% reduction on futures contract transaction costs when using BGB for spot transaction fees.
    Contract Margin – In contract trading, the BGB token may be used as a contract margin.
  • Specific Traders that engage in Bitget’s “Trade-to-Earn” program receive BGB tokens as an incentive.
  • Bitget traders might get up to a 20% reduction on their trading fees.
  • Using BGB margins on “coin margined futures” allows consumers to receive a 15% reduction on the expenses.
  • Traders can utilize the Bitget token to secure possible collaboration possibilities and the trading platform’s ongoing growth.
  • Bitget initially utilized BFT (Bitget Defi Token) as the token of exchange before to the release of the BGB.

Countries Supported and Restricted by Bitget

Bitget Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange used by international dealers. It has users from the United States, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Canada, and other countries.


However, the following nations are prohibited:

  • Mainland China
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong.
  • Korea, North
  • Macau

Bitget Exchange Mobile Application

The majority of cryptocurrency traders feel that desktop computers offer the greatest trading conditions. The computer has a larger screen, and larger screens allow for more data, which helps traders explore and make trading choices at the same time.

The chart and trade history will be easier to understand. Not all cryptocurrency investors use desktop computers to trade, and many choose to trade using mobile applications. The mobile app is available for download in Android and iOS through Google Play and the AppStore.

Bitget Exchange Security and Privacy

According to various Bitget reviews, it provides incredibly effective client safety. The platform is approved by regulatory agencies in Australia, Canada, and the United States. They safeguard users’ funds in separate cold and hot wallets. According to its website, it has received 12 A+ ratings from SSL Labs. Before transferring funds to the exchange, traders must enable two-factor authentication.

The exchange has three licenses: one from the US Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), one from Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center (FINTRAC), and one from Australia’s Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC).

Bitget Customer Service

Bitget Exchange customer care may be reached in a variety of ways. If a user is unsure about what to trade, Bitget offers live chat as well as extensive training and guidance for all process parts. The website also has a frequently asked questions (FAQ) area that covers the essentials that the user could otherwise overlook.

If customers have a complaint or are having problems with trades, they may notify the support team by clicking on the assistance chat box in the lower right corner of their display. Customer Service is always there to address any questions.

Bitget Exchange Review: The Final Word

We’ll end our Bitget review on a high note.

Bitget has established itself as one of Asia’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, offering consumers “better trading, better living.”

Bitget Exchange is a fantastic choice if you want an exchange with a large number of micro market currencies and the ability to duplicate trade. The platform’s goal is to deliver a fair and comprehensive trading experience. Bitget meets all trading criteria for both novice and experienced traders. The exchange will benefit from a simplified approach for the security settings it puts in place to safeguard its clients’ safety.

The exchange stands out as a one-of-a-kind exchange due to its numerous features and distinct futures trading platform. The platform’s simplicity and cheap fee make it suitable for anybody interested in understanding the trading world and purchasing cryptocurrency.


Is Bitget a secure and legitimate platform?

Bitget Exchange has been shown to be secure and dependable. To protect its users’ funds, the exchange employs bank-level security. It has an A+ grade for SSL indications with a value of 12+. The majority of users’ money are held in cold wallets. The firm has created a mechanism to protect the company’s information and assets.

Where Can I Find Bitget Exchange?

Bitget is headquartered in Singapore.

Can You Use Bitget in the United States?

Yes, Bitget Exchange allows members from the United States.

How Do I Make a Deposit in Bitget?

After creating an account, the user should fund it and begin trading. The good news is that depositing and withdrawing monies from users is as straightforward as possible. To deposit money, click the button next to the asset you wish to deposit money into, and then transfer the money to the proper withdrawal address.

Is Bitget Exchange secure?

Here are a few reasons why Bitget is secure:

  • Until today, the exchange has not been hacked.
  • In terms of trade volume, it ranks high.
  • The website is secured using an SSL certificate. A secure cold and hot storage wallet also maintains users’ money.
  • Bitget is a big believer in customer care, making it a trustworthy exchange.

Can Bitget be Used by Novices?

Bitget Exchange stands out because of its unusual and novel trading solutions, such as the Bitget One-Click Copy Trade. Without prior trading knowledge, new users can follow a certain trader to achieve their aims. The copy trade method is becoming increasingly popular among individuals who lack information yet want to learn about crypto trading. Bitget is one of the most significant trading platforms today and has received several great ratings, so investing in this platform appears to be a wise decision.

Cryptocurrency investments are subject to severe market volatility. Before investing in cryptocurrency, investors should conduct their own research and analysis.

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