It can be really hard to find a broker that deals with cryptocurrency. It is especially hard to find one that deals with a vast variety of crypto instruments for trading. We totally understand your pain which is why we’ve come up with a list of the top crypto brokers in the industry.

These are among the very few with a decent size crypto offering. They are as follows:


Coinexx is an online brokerage that offers some of the lowest spreads in the market, with trading beginning at only 0.0 pips. You may use Coinexx to trade cryptocurrencies. I like that they are one of just a few brokers who accept deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrency without charging any fees for the transfer.

I observed that they had quick trade execution speeds, which ensured that deals were done at the pricing that the customer desired. There is the opportunity to trade with leverage that may go as high as 1:500 if one chooses to do so.

In spite of these pros, they are not regulated, which may be a turnoff for those of you who are thinking about using this broker because it limits your protection. However, this does imply that they are able to provide you with access to some goods and services that a regulated broker is not able to, owing to the constraints imposed by regulatory authorities.


Vantage is a cryptocurrency broker that is regulated by many authorities. It provides a variety of strong trading platforms. Vantage provides you with customer service that has won several awards, a variety of trading products, tools, and instructional materials.

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Over the course of more than a decade, they have been developing trading platforms and services with the specific goal of easing your trading and making it easier for you to make profits. Because they adhere to the most stringent security and regulatory requirements, you are able to make investments with Vantage with complete and total confidence.


XTB is a global leader in the cryptocurrency brokerage industry and is listed on the largest stock exchange. They give you rapid access to the markets across the world in a protected setting. You have access to a vast array of over 2,100 financial products spanning a variety of asset classes, all of which are available for trading.

You are able to achieve this by utilizing sophisticated trading platforms that are, at the same time, user-friendly, coupled with strong trading tools that will aid you with your day trading operations. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are among the more than ten Crypto CFDs offered by XTB. You are able to trade cryptocurrencies around the clock, seven days a week, with cheap charges and spreads beginning at 0.22 percent.

I appreciate that they offer low spreads, no commission costs, quick trade execution times, a variety of account financing choices, educational materials, and support that is available 24 hours a day. In addition to this, the fact that they are regulated in a number of different regions and have been in business for a considerable amount of time gives you peace of mind.

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